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Our healthcare system is broken.
It’s up to us to do something about it.

We’ve been discussing healthcare in the United States for decades. It’s a perennial issue, and one that we have all but failed to adequately address with policy. The perspectives are polarizing: Republicans pushing for complete privatization, Democrats supporting a subsidized approach, and a citizenry just hoping for a solution that works. In Code: Red, White, and Blue, Shary Connella draws from her twenty years of experience in healthcare sales and as a patient advocate to posit a plausible, single-payer solution based on the values of fairness and equality that formed the bedrock of our nation: a flat $0.02-per-dollar tax on nonessential goods and services. 


Code: Red, White, and Blue is one woman’s honest journey of contending with our intricate healthcare system. Outlining an accessible approach that utilizes the single-payer system, Shary offers a cohesive plan for reform that, simply put, places people before politics. Written for those who are tired of seeing our nation’s health used as a political thorn, Code: Red, White, and Blue is full of real ideas that will work for real people. Filled with thought-provoking stories and strong solutions based on principles of fairness, equality, and possibility, Shary offers a cohesive plan that will strengthen our future for generations to come.

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